Start Investing on Yourself

Usually, people need time to self-reflect on their personal competences, own values and skills such that they can carry out the tasks assigned to them effectively. However, they don’t often get the time and opportunity to do so. Therefore, taking time-off from your daily routine and partake in a training program is believed to help you to mine your potential and build your capability to plan and organize your work, lead and interact with your supervisors and workmates, strengthen your approaches towards team work in order to achieve your desired goals.

Level One Courses

These courses are designed for Middle Level, Senior Managers and Planners.


Managing Organizations and Human Resources, Project Management, Gender Issues, Education, Children and Young people, Public and Environmental Health

Level Two Courses

These courses are tailor-made trainings that are designed for project implementers and front-line development workers.


DELTA (Training of Trainers), Community participation in development and social change, Facilitating Dialogue and Community Conversations

Research & Consultancy

Undertaking research and studies and offering consultancy services for government, development organizations and civil societies.

Consultancy Service

Conducting impact assessment on projects Situational analysis Developing Strategic Plan for Organizations
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Limitless Learning, More Opportunities

The training programs that are organized by Cradle research and training center are aimed at developing capacities of senior and mid-level professionals to improve their skills to successfully carry out their tasks. Participating in the training programs that are conducted at Cradle creates an opportunity for developing your personal competencies through interacting, linking and exchanging experiences between and among a broad range of development professionals and practitioners coming from a range of diverse discipline.


Learn at your own pace

Tailor-made training programs to suit the needs and convenience of clients. Depending on the interests of organizations that are requesting such training programs, arrangements could be made to conduct on-site training in places suitable for the sponsoring institution.

Official certificate

Up on successful completion of training programs that take five or more days, Cradle will issue a certificate of participation.

Message from the CEO

In recent times, more emphasis is being given to staff development in order to improve the quality of services that organizations render to their clients and cope with the changing circumstances under which they operate. At Cradle, we believe that well-trained professionals would be capable of planning their work, solve complex problems in a cost-effective manner and manage their human, financial and material resources in a sustainable way. Taking part in such training programs will motivate staff to improve their work and carry out their responsibilities in an efficient manner. The training programs organized by Cradle are, therefore, aimed at imparting knowledge, skills and attitudes of planners, managers and supervisors that is necessary to perform job-related tasks. Furthermore, it will help develop their ability to revisit their own strength and weaknesses, better evaluate, couch and mentor the performance of their teams and cope with changing circumstances. This, in turn, will contribute towards career development, ensuring job satisfaction, staff retention and greater stability and competent workforce development in the longer term. As participants are coming from different sectors, cultures and discipline, it is believed that they will develop competence and acquire skills to improve their work by translating what they have learnt into practice and by taking into account their local contexts. Public and private sectors