The training wing of the Center provides short courses that are practically applicable as opposed to merely theoretical and conceptual. The contents of the courses are, therefore, designed to suit different groups of participants coming from a range of backgrounds and educational attainments. Hence, the courses are divided in two levels. The courses to be delivered in level one is prepared for middle level, senior managers and planners while the courses in level two are tailor-made trainings that are designed for project implementers and front-line development workers

Training Methods

Short lectures, visualization techniques, plenary discussions and personal feedback are the major tools that are used in our training programs. Group assignments facilitate the learning process and also the exchange of experiences and ideas. The courses offered by Cradle encourage participants to reflect on their own organizations’ experiences and working environments and to analyze these during the of delivery of the various course modules.  New skills and knowledge gained in the course of the training will further be supported by encouraging participants to draw-up action plans that would support the implementation of programs. Our approach in training is of practical nature, rich in visual aids and characterized by participation

Our Trainers/Consultants

Our trainers and consultants are specialists in their respective fields and have practical experience in conducting and facilitating trainings as well as in planning, undertaking research, implementing and evaluating development programs.

Duration and Venue Of Courses

The duration of courses might range from about a week to two weeks. Special consideration is made for tailor-made training programs to suit the needs and convenience of clients. Depending on the interests of organizations that are requesting such training programs, arrangements could be made to conduct on-site training in places suitable for the sponsoring institution.

Course Topics

Managing Organizations and Human Resources

  • Organizational development and change management
  • Leadership
  • Human Resource Management
  • Performance evaluation and staff appraisal
  • Communication skills
  • Team Building
  • Decision Making
  • Facilitation skills
  • Developing Strategic Plan for Organizations

Project Management

  • Developing and managing projects
  • Community participation in development projects
  • Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) for development professionals

Gender Issues

  • Gender and development: theory, policy and practice
  • Gender equality and women’s empowerment
  • Gender mainstreaming

Training programs on Children and Young people

  • Child rights, laws and policies regarding child protection
  • Development and Implementation of Child Safeguarding Policy (CPP) Within Organizations
  • Children and Young People’s participation
  • Positive Child Disciplining
  • Handling of violence and abuse against children

Public and Environmental Health

  • Training and Education on Environmental Health
  • Sexual Adolescent Reproductive Health (SARH)
  • DELTA (Training of Trainers)
  • Community participation in development and social change
  • Facilitating Dialogue and Community Conversations
  • Conducting surveys for initiating small projects

Request for training

Please use the form below to apply for our trainings.  Requests should be submitted at least three weeks before the desired starting date of the intended training program.