Level one Training

Gender And Development: Theory, Policy and Practice

Course overview:

Increasing attention is being paid to the issue of gender and development following empirical evidences that demonstrated how development programs were undermining …where the approach shifted the debate from development for women or with women, to empowerment and human rights of women, girls, boys and men equally. Gender analysis tools proliferated and distinctions were made between strategic and practical gender needs. Conferences and workshops debated whether to consider gender as ‘cross cutting’ or ‘mainstreaming’ in all policies, programs and institutions. recognition of the high level of commitment needed from both men and women to advocate for gender equality

Major topics to be covered include:

  • Framework for gender analysis
  • Gender in governance
  • Legal provisions and institutional framework for advancing gender equality
  • Practices harmful to women and girls
  • Gender, agriculture and rural livelihoods
  • Gender and labour migration
  • A framework for initiating and developing a gender policy
  • Oversight of implementation of a gender policy