Level One Training

Team Building

Course overview:

Team work is a critical skill for working together, solving problems and effectively discharge responsibilities that are assigned to members of the team both individually and jointly. In order to build an effective team, one must understand the dynamics that may prevail among members of the team from a human development perspective. Beneath what is surfaced by the behavior of an individual lies the value and belief system and personality traits that could shape the decision they make and influence their worldview and action.

It is often true that ‘where you stand determines what you see’. Hence, it would be useful to develop ….of members of the team to ….embrace new values and develop ways of seeing … that may require the transformation of their basic value system, i.e. the ‘me ‘oriented’ value system …for accomplishing the tasks assigned to the team successfully.  Require members of the team to come together with a sense of sincerity and fairness to create group and build a team that works in harmony. To make organizations centers of competences

Major topics to be covered include:

  • How to build trust among members of a team
  • How to assess the team effectiveness
  • Unhelpful behavior in teams
  • Cooperation, competition, confrontation
  • Inter and intra-personal relations
  • Managing conflicts within teams

Upon successful completion of the training participants will be able to:

  • Know what constitutes a team and dynamics in a group,
  • Build a relational climate among co-workers- giving every member of the team an opportunity to contribute as much as their capacity allows,
  • Identify the factors that may facilitate and/or hinder team work
  • Grasp the fact that context determines the content of what group members see or understand and realize that not everyone sees the world in the same way,
  • Identify key factors that may attract or repel different surface expressions of values, beliefs, actions, and behaviors, which will often conflict with those of others,
  • Recognize there is no single right or universal way of understanding things among members of a group,
  • Diversity ..how team member could develop a sense of ownership
  • Value contributions of other team members and renewed outlook to trigger greater team cohesiveness and help to establish constructive relational climate,
  • dynamics, the members’ capacity to cooperate,
  • group cohesion