Level one Training

Development and Implementation of Child Safeguarding Policy (CPP) Within Organizations

Course overview:

Everybody has a responsibility to prevent harm and promote the care and protection of children. Organizations have also a duty of care and protection of children whom they are working with. To this effect, child focused organizations develop comprehensive policies that provide a framework of principles; standards and guidelines for both individual and organizational practices. The policy offers guidelines for appropriate and inappropriate behavior/attitude of adults towards children and of children towards each other. It also provides basic principles for communications, recognizing, reporting and reacting to suspect and alleged abuse, for ramifications of misconduct and monitoring of CPP. Hence this training program is intended to help organizations and their staffs to develop the policies and familiarize their staffs with the basic concepts of such policies and implementation of same within their respective organizations. 

Major topics to be covered include:

  • Reasons why CPP is a pressing necessity
  • Basic principles and key elements that guide child protection
  • Who should be abided by the CPP
  • Implementation modalities of the policy
  • How to build a child safe organization
  • Skills necessary to assess risks among children
  • Risk management plan for staff and volunteers
  • Steps necessary while recruiting staff for preventing harm for children
  • Involvement of Management in child protection
  • Developing and implementing behavior protocols in organizations
  • Handling and reporting of child abuse cases
  • Ramifications of misconduct
  • Using formats for recording and reporting cases of child abuse
  • Monitoring the implementation of the CPP (Indicators and means of verification)

By the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the reasons why organizations need to have a Child Protection Policy,
  • Have a clear understanding of what a Child Protection Policy entails,
  • Implement the policies to the desired standards within their respective organizations,
  • Define key concepts and values necessary in ensuring the protection of children,
  • Identify and assess risks among children who are at risk or have been exposed to abuse,
  • Establish a plan and schedule for the implementation of the policy