Level two Training

Conducting Surveys for Initiating Small Projects


Survey method is a descriptive research method. It is a process of collecting data from a sample to make an inference about the population where the sample is drawn from. As a result, they are cost effective, take less time and are relatively easy to administer compared to census. Survey method can be used to make an assessment on knowledge, attitude, practice, thoughts, opinions, and feelings depending on the purpose. This can be used by different disciplines like psychologists, sociologists, health professionals and economists to learn about similarities, differences and trends.

Major topics to be covered include:

  • Purpose of survey
  • Population and sampling
  • Question design
  • Mode of data collection
  • Ethical issues in survey research

By the end of this session participants will be able to:

  • Distinguish between different sampling techniques
  • Develop design questionnaires
  • Know about the different data collection methods
  • Make analysis for comparisons, predictions and follow changes over time
  • Carryout mini-research activities