Cradle Training and Research Center is established in 2006 with an aim of providing a wide range of training and capacity development as well as for undertaking research and consultancies in relevant fields of the Social Sciences. The Center has a vision of becoming a leading and reputable research and training Center in Africa. It has a mission of working towards imparting knowledge; skills and learning that would contribute for bringing about fundamental changes in the lives of people and improvement of institutional capacities for development organizations. In doing so, it will help professionals and development practitioners to further improve their knowledge by providing the tools and skills that would enable them to critically analyze the situation in which they are operating, and to be able to devise strategies to solve problems, ensure effectiveness and efficiency in their work.

The training wing of the Center provides short courses that are practically applicable as opposed to merely theoretical and conceptual. The contents of the courses are, therefore, designed to suit different groups of participants coming from a range of backgrounds and educational attainments. Hence, the courses are divided in two levels. The courses to be delivered in level one is prepared for middle level, senior managers and planners while the courses in level two are tailor-made trainings that are designed for project implementers and front-line development workers. An overview of each course, major topics to be covered and outputs are briefly presented in the courses section. The research and consultancy unit, on the other hand, focuses on undertaking research and studies and offering consultancy services for government, development organisations and civil societies.

Short Bio of Anannia Admassu

Anannia Admassu has PhD from the University of Brighton in Applied Social Sciences and has over 25 years of work experience in government, faith-Based and non-governmental organizations. He is the founder of CHADET, a Civil Society Organization that is engaged in the provision of educational and other forms of services for vulnerable children in Ethiopia. He had previously served as a board member of the Ethiopian Society of Sociologists, Social Workers and Anthropologists (ESSSWA) and played an active role in the establishment of (Child Research and Practice Forum (CRPF), which is currently hosted by the Federal Ministry for Women and Social Affairs in Ethiopia. He is the director of Cradle Training and Research Center, a consultancy firm that is engaged in undertaking research in relevant fields of the social sciences and in the delivery of training programs that are designed to build capacities of development practitioners. Anannia’s recent research focused on childhood studies, intergenerational relationships and globalization.

Short Bio of Professor Abebe Zegeye

Professor Abebe Zegeye holds the degree of DPhil from the University of Oxford (UK) and BA in economics, philosophy and sociology from Haverford College. He has previously thought at Yale University (USA), the University of California, the University of South Africa and CODESRIA (Senegal). Since 2014, he has been based in Ethiopia working as Vice President of Wollo University; Director, Global Engagement & Institutional Transformation, Woldia University; and director of Higher education, Ministry of Science and Higher Education. At present, he is the co-director of Cradle: Center for Research and Development in Learning.